Second Chances

In 2008, SCP established Riley's Second Chance Fund in honor of Riley, a kitty in our foster care. Shortly after arriving into his foster home, Riley was diagnosed with a heart condition called cardiomyopathy as well as asthma. Riley is being treated and monitored regularly by our vet.  Riley's Second Chance Fund was created to set aside monies to help cats and kittens who need extensive veterinary care. With the monies raised, cats and kittens receive medication, ultra-sounds, and surgery that they otherwise may not have received due to the high costs of veterinary care.  You can make a donation via check or via PayPal.  If you donate via check, please make check payable to SCP and make a notation of "Riley's Second Chance".  For more information on how to donact to the Stratford Cat Project click here.


Roger came to SCP from an overcrowded home that was not able to care for so many cats. Because of damage from conjunctivitis, Roger is blind. Our vet removed the damaged eyes and stitched them shut. Roger is the first blind kitty that SCP has taken in. Roger's personality is wonderful and he loves to get attention. What a humbling and emotional experience it has been for us. It's amazing to watch a cat that cannot see adjust to his new surroundings. To watch him explore a room feeling and sensing his way around is something we will never forget. Roger quickly became a favorite of the volunteers. Roger has been adopted by Jay and Suzanne. While Roger has only been in his new home a short time, Jay tells us that Roger is adapting to his new environment and starting to explore.


Swirl was born in our foster care last summer, when his mother was returned to us very pregnant. His mother and sister have since been adopted. However, due to some kind of trauma, Swirl developed an eye issue that needed to be addressed before he could find his forever home. After trying various treatments, we took him to an eye specialist. Based on the damage to the eye and potential life threatening issues that could arise and potentially kill him, the specialist strongly recommended removing it. So Swirl had surgery on February 25th. He won over the whole surgery staff with his sweet, gentle personality. He is now back in his foster home and does not understand why he is suppose to be resting and taking it easy. Swirl is only 7 months old, so he will quickly learn to compensate for his missing eye. Thanks to Riley's Fund, Swirl has a second chance.


Theo came to the project after being found by a child at a construction site. He was filthy and serioulsy ill.  He had severe conjunctivitis, that affected his third eyelid,  and a severe upper respiratory condition.  In the before picture on the top left, Theolooks better than what he originally looked like.  His foster mom did not think to take pictures when he first arrived, she just wanted to keep him alive.  His foster mom and other volunteers fough hard to give Theo the best chance of surviving and little Theo is a fighter! As you can see in Theo's 'after' photo, our fighting paid off.  After consulting with our vet, it was decided not to repair the third eyelid as he does have vision in that eye and we did not want to take a chance that surgery would cause him to lose the eye.  Theo still  struggles with runny eyes, but is doing so much better.  Riley's Fund helped give Theo a second chance.