Success Stories

Cally and Duke

Cally came to SCP as a stray from a property in Stratford. She was adopted from us in 2004 and returned in 2008 when the family stated that their life style was no longer conducive to having a cat. Duke came to SCP in 2007 from a hoarding situation. Duke and Cally were placed into Sue's foster care in 2008 and it was love at first sight. We discussed many times about splitting them up as it is so difficult to place one older cat must less two together. But we just couldn't separate them. We knew their day would come. Cally is 9 years old and Duke is 8 years old. Here is what their new family says about them:

“Just wanted to let you know that Duke is doing wonderfully! He has explored the house. He is such a playful cat. His favorite place is on the refrigerator. He lets up pet him and will come for petting time. Duke is very curious and always checking things out... Cally finally came out of her comfort zone (under the couch). She is a very sweet cat. I'm so attached to her. My daughter, Sophia, has an incredible bond with her. Cally can't wait for Sophia to come home from school. They sleep together every night. We are very happy with them and love them very much. Thanks for letting us adopt them.” ~ Maria. Special kitty hugs and kisses to Maria, Michael and Sophia for giving this older pair of kitties such a wonderful home.

Toby Boy

Toby Boy came to SCP from a property in Bridgeport. Several rescuers were working on getting neighborhood cats spayed/neutered and found this friendly guy. Unfortunately, he tested positive for Feline Aids making finding a home for him harder. Here is what his new mom has to say about him. “Toby is doing fine and we just love him! He is using the litterbox faithfully and is eating a little more each day. He is still getting used to our "house sounds" and has even taken some cat naps out in the open (at first he was staying under our coffee table where we put his bed). He has to know where we are at all times, is very affectionate and playful. His favorite toys at the moment are a piece of yarn with a catnip mouse tied to the end and a paper towel roll which we cut into "slices" which he chases. Other than being curious about our door to the outside, he really is not overly interested in going out (whew!). Right now he is watching the birds at the bird feeder like a favorite TV show. Many thanks to you and your staff for everything” - Lisa Yost. Special kitty hugs to the Yost family for giving this special boy his forever home. And thanks to Toby Boy for sending all the coupons :)

Abby Rose

Abby Rose (f/k/a Shiloh) was rescued by SCP after a woman in Bridgeport reported that she had been feeding a cat for six months and that the cat appeared to be injured. Sure enough, Shiloh had been shot several times with a BB gun and was in need of medical attention and a forever home. With the help of another rescuer, SCP assisted with Shiloh's medical bills and surgery, and due to circumstances beyond this woman's control, Shiloh was going to have to be put back outside. Around the same time, Joanne,VP of SCP, had just lost her beloved cat of 16 years. Karin brought Shiloh's situation to Joanne's attention, and the rest is history. Today,Abby Rose has helped heal the void in Joanne's heart and has settled in quite nicely in her new home. Abby is an absolute doll and is so grateful that she has found her forever home. She can be a devil, but most times is an absolute angel.

Thelma & Louise

Thelma and Louise came to SCP from an overcrowded home. Because of their timid nature, the sisters were with SCP 3 ½ yrs before being adopted by Dawn & Robert. Here's what their new mom has to say about adopting them: 'When I walked into the lobby at Stratford Animal Hospital and saw Thelma and Louise behind the glass, I knew I was in trouble. I was able to meet them before I left. They seemed so happy to have someone to pet them and talk to them. My husband and I soon got the adoption process going and took them home the following week.Thelma and Louise have since made themselves at home. At first Louise was quite timid, but she has blossomed into a loving cat. She really enjoys belly rubs. Thelma prefers to get up on the pool table where we pet her. These girls love to be rubbed so much that as soon as we enter the room, they are up and looking for a rub. The girls have become quite mischievous. They like to nibble my basil plant. They also enjoy jumping up on top of the refrigerator and then hanging over to stare at me as I walk by, just like Snoopy when he pretends he's a vulture! We are very happy we gave these girls a home. After years of foster homes, they now have a forever home they can call their own.' All of us at SCP send a big thank you to Dawn and Robert for giving this special pair of sisters their forever home.

Kaly (re-named Sophia)

Kaly came to SCP with her mom and 6 siblings. Her mom, Ginger, had her litter in a laundry room in an apartment building in Bridgeport. Here is what her new parents, Deb & Rob, say about their new addition. “We adopted Kaly as a companion for Rosalind, our torti adopted two years ago from SCP, and Fanette, our “senior” cat. Rosalind and Fanette got along well, but given Fanette’s age and Rosalind’s shyness, did not interact a lot. Our hope was that Kaly (re-named Sophia) would draw them out, and she has succeeded magnificently. We now have three active, playful kitties, with Sophia leading the pack. She still has kitten clumsiness and energy, instigating play with the others, but always properly deferring to their seniority. She is a wonderful addition to the family.” Special thanks to Rob & Deb for giving all three kitties such a warm and loving home.

Greta & Lucky (re-named Blizzard & Mimi)

Greta, renamed Blizzard, and Lucky, renamed Mimi, where adopted 5 years ago and are living happily and comfortably in Monroe! Here's what they have to say:“I, Blizzard, am a total lap cat. I love to snuggle, quite often I climb under the covers with my girl. I also love to be hand fed treats. Sometimes I stand on two legs to eat my treat from my girl's hand. I, Mimi (you bottle fed me after I was rescued) am a little more reserved, but I follow my family around the house like a puppy. I love playing, and will chase anything. Bacon is my favorite food, and watch out, if it is on the breakfast table, I might jump up onto the table and beg. Not that I have to, they love me so much, I get it anyway!” Just thought we would give you an update on another success story! Our family couldn't be happier and this is our forever home. SCP sends out a big thank for adopting Blizzard (Greta) and Mimi (Lucky) and giving them a wonderful home!


Veronica came to SCP in 2007 when a good Samaritan picked her and her two children up in her neighborhood after they had been dumped there. Veronica’s children were quickly adopted and Veronica went into one of our foster homes. Veronica lived up to the reputation of a tortie. She was strong-willed and wanted things done on her terms. As Veronica grew to be more comfortable in her foster home, her personality blossomed. She was sweet, playful, clever, affectionate and extremely social. After several months, Veronica’s behavior at adoptions began to deteriorate. Clearly unhappy, she would growl, hiss, spit and lash out at anyone who crossed her path. Yet, the moment she was in the car to go home, she was fine. Veronica’s foster mom, Karen, realized that Veronica was sending a message… she already found her forever home. Karen adopted Veronica in December 2008. All of us at SCP send our thanks to Karen for listening to Veronica and giving her the wonderful home she deserves.


Muttley, and many of his friends, came to SCP when the woman that had rescued them died. Unfortunately, things must not have been going well for the woman. When Muttley was first found, Animal Control thought he was dead. He was rushed to an animal hospital to be stabilized. Muttley was in bad shape. He had lost over half of his body weight and was missing a lot of his fur. Thanks to the wonderful care of his foster mom and the volunteers that showered him with love, Muttley thrived. Muttley has a hematoma that has been repaired giving him that crinkly ear look. It just makes him look more adorable. He is a wonderful, loving cat. He loves people. Muttley also loves to eat. Lauren came to one of our adoptions looking to adopt an older cat for her family. We showed her Muttley and explained his background and potential problems. Lauren decided that Muttley was the one for her family and took him home. After the first week of adjustment, Muttley decided that this was his forever home. Lauren and her family love him dearly. Lauren tells SCP that Muttley, dubbed Mr. Mutt, is a polite gentleman, the most good-natured and gentle soul. Muttley loves to get treats from their kids and to sleep between her and her husband at night. Lauren says it was “love at first sight”. It seems like a perfect match. She tells SCP that Muttley is everything her family wanted in a new kitty, and she is grateful that he was given a second chance so that he could find his way home to them. SCP sends lots of kitty hugs and kisses to Lauren and her family for giving Muttley his forever home. Special hugs toMuttley from his foster mom.